Winter’s here!

Yesterday was the coldest day this winter I think – it was pure windy misery! And I loved it! Not having lived in a REALLY cold country where people are seriously inconvenienced by the weather on roads and in schools, I just love the feeling that we can all shut our doors and hibernate and cook steamy delicious stews for the kids when they stumble in half frozen! What fun!

I had some left over roast lamb that my big girl (ten years) made old fashioned Shepherd’s pie from when she got home. She (who prefers not to eat vegetables at all) loves this recipe that calls for every vegetable known to man to be cooked in a secret recipe passed down from my great grandmother.

My mother loved this in her childhood in the city. My brother and I loved this in our childhood on our farm. Now my little (naive yet sophisticated in her own way) girl patiently chops and stirs under the guidance of her grandma until it is JUST right. She hates cheese on top of the creamy mashed potato while I adored lashings of it in my youth. I guess if she passes the recipe on it will be basically the same but have minor changes depending on the tastes of the time.

She was so very happy with herself. And so were the rest of us! Yum.

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