Cooking with Grandma!

Coming soon! Recipes for the most delicious sausage rolls in the world! Plus superb and super easy pizza scrolls! You will be licking your chops….

I’m backkkkk!!!

Molly and Grandma’s Super Easy Pizza Scrolls (Told in Molly’s words)

You will need:

Packet of puff pastry (6 slices)

Block of cheese (500 grams)

2 small tins tomato paste

250 grams of bacon/ham


  1. Get ready made rolled out puff pastry.
  2. Find tomato paste in Mum’s cupboard (you know she has some!)
  3. Fry finely diced bacon (and ham if you have it which we did) until crispy.
  4. Smother piece of puff pastry with tomato paste.
  5. Sprinkle bacon/ham onto puff pastry.
  6. Grate cheese (quite a lot!)
  7. Lay grated cheese over bacon layer.
  8. Roll the sheet up.
  9. Slice across roll in small slices with sharp knife.
  10. Place on flat tray (on baking paper) until golden brown, bubbling and delicious!
  11. Eat carefully as will burn your mouth when fresh out of oven. But you won’t be able to resist!
  12. Enjoy in children’s lunch boxes. (Especially mine!).

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