Our winter at the river!

My husband, children and I spent a lot of time exploring our town’s gorgeous river this winter.

We had picnics, fished at sunset, made dams, explored the old town pool ruins, wore gum boots and walked in the shallows and ventured across to a reedy island created by the last flood!

We bought our first rod and reel fishing line for our son who asks if we can go fishing many times a week! Then we couldn’t use it! We spent ages fiddling with it and tangling the line and repeating! The girls were happy to fish on hand lines while we attempted to get the rod going and then we all lost interest and started making dams with the big smooth grey rocks. Some of the dams took hours and lots of hard work to make and would actually change the course of the river which was oddly satisfying!

My husband made boats with paper and the kids floated them down the river to see how far they could get before sinking. Much competition and yelling ensued as boats raced towards tiny rapids and bends in the river.

We took delicious snacks, chairs and picnic blankets and sat on the river bank watching the sun set early over reeds and gum covered hills. The red sky swirling above the roaring river was deliciously memorable.

While I minded the picnic, my husband took the kids off on adventures down the river bank and through the water. They clambered over huge hollow logs and under willow branches to look for treasures and find new paths along the river.

Now it is getting warmer and the snakes will be coming back out for summer. We will pack up our picnics and gumboots and hold our breathe until the pool opens for the hot season when our town gets a roasting.

But we all love our river and we had a wonderful winter time playing “Tom Sawyer” along its lovely banks.

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