Our Clever Dog

When our middle child was only a baby we decided to get a second dog to keep our first neurotic city dog company as we had moved to the country and had heaps more room for pets.

We drove out to a remote farm one cold winter afternoon and were shown around a lovely farm yard by a friendly farmer’s wife. There was a litter of puppies that we had merely gone to “look” at. We were not bringing one home that night. We weren’t ready. We didn’t have a place for it yet. Blah, blah. Etc Etc.

Obviously we fell madly in love with a puppy who fell madly in love with us and we drove home in the dark, cold night cuddling a whimpering and disorientated puppy who we named Moose. We had actually gone out there looking for a dark chocolate pup we were going to call “Mousse” and came back with a grey/brown one who looked more the colour of the antlered animal to us.

 It pooed in my excellent vegie patch and pulled out the seedlings. It screamed like a tiny baby to come in every night which would have been okay but I was exhausted from having an “actual” tiny baby so I had no energy left. Luckily it was as cute as a button!

The dog grew from a puppy and became the boss of all dogs at our house (past and present). It never did calm down our other dog. In fact, it had no time for the crazy, nervous disposition of our first dog..

It was bred to be a sheep dog and it is single minded in its pursuit of tennis balls. It can find a ball anywhere even in grass higher than its head!

Moose has saved our life by finding and alerting us to a brown snake in our back paddock.

She is obsessive, clever, loyal and sweet natured.

We are really lucky to have found this happy-go-lucky, low-key, friendly, protective family member.


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