Yes, it is that time of the year again!

Birthday season in our family!

We have two daughters born 1 year and 9 days apart. Coincidentally the second girl was born on her father’s birthday. Quite a pile up! (I want it noted that I still managed to present my husband with a great gift between contractions about an hour before the baby arrived. I didn’t want him to MISS out!!!!)

Anyway, we are now entering the danger zone and that is wall to wall, copious, constant sleepovers. Birthday sleepovers for both daughters. Payback sleepovers for other birthday sleepovers. Sleepovers with neighbours and family friends, Sleepovers with new more mature and worldly school friends. Oh My God.

So, we have been gradually creating a new lounge area in a closed in garage at one end of our house. We have painted it and put in a new ceiling. We have put in a new glass sliding door. We have (at great expense to the management) put gorgeous vinyl planking in for the floor covering with fake planks of “Maple”. I dragged in our old IKEA wall unit from the shed and put it up single handedly so the kids had places to display their trophies and photos. I set up an one of their baby cots with cushions that my second daughter sews with her grandma for me! My mum made curtains for every window in our house including  the sliding door. This week we finally got three huge bookcases we had ordered and we put one out there for books and storage. It is lovely out there!

My husband brought home three mattresses from his work flat. We both shopped for snacks and party food. We set up a television, dvd, Playstation etc etc.

First ever sleepover in our new room – here we come!

We picked up the two girls and took them to the pool and bought them afternoon tea. It was quite a moment because my big girl had left these girls behind at her old school where she had been bullied. They are lovely girls but were unable to support her in the horrific climate of unprofessional and lazy teaching that was going on at our local public school.

She has gained confidence and friends at her new school but a year down the track decided she was okay about reconnecting with her old friends.

They watched movies, played with ipods, Playstation, snacked, danced, laughed and my daughter was so happy!

She woke this morning in an absolute panic because one of her friends had completely disappeared. She woke me and we ran to investigate. Her other friend sleepily said she saw her friend going but no idea when. This was 5 am.

There was no message to me, no phone call, no note. Just a missing girl. Then we found a message on the remaining girl’s ipod saying “Sorry I didn’t stay for the hole sleepover but I hope you two have a good day tomorrow”. 

This girl had phoned her mother about 8 minutes after I checked everyone was okay. About my tenth trip to the sleepover zone with food, drinks, movies, chocolates. What more did she want?

I am gobsmacked (the girls are eleven- not too young) that she would phone from our home and be taken without our knowledge as she was “homesick”. Have manners changed this much since I was young?

The girls got over the initial shock and we are keeping the other friend for the rest of the day. We are off to the pool soon! We managed to salvage the sleepover. But I am still shocked.

And just think, I’m having a sleepover with three extra 10 year olds next week. Wish me luck!

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