Back to school Mayhem!

We have had a long and varied summer! We have rested, eaten too much, stayed up way too late, watched countless movies, gone to the pool in our small town a lot, seen friends, flown in a plane, had sleepovers, remodelled the bathroom etc. Busy. Lovely. Over.

School’s back in.

My big girl has been brave all summer about her best friend leaving for an expensive city private school which leaves her facing high school “alone”. She has two other friends but they don’t get her. She broke down the day before school returned and sobbed and hugged me and didn’t think she wanted to go on. I talked for hours about how the things that scare us the most are often the thing worth doing eg. Going to university, going overseas, having a baby. She came good, organised herself completely, marched off to high school and….had  an “awesome” day!! Two days in and she hasn’t stopped talking about her great teachers, subjects and assignments! She is sooooo happy!


Little girl (11 years) was quiet and unconcerned about going into her last year of Primary. No mention of any worries. We had a couple of get togethers with her best friend and thought that would smooth the return to school.

Wrong! They were put in separate classes so have to try to make friends with other people to survive in class. My girl has been rejected soundly by various social groups she has been in before, most of whom have had sleepovers at our house in the last year and she is feeling so alone! She keeps it bottled up and only cracks when she gets into trouble for being non cooperative around the home. She has cried two afternoons with her head in my lap so far. Not good.

Last, but certainly not least, is my lovely autistic boy who just turned nine. We went to a lot of trouble to have a big pool party for him last week so he could see all his school mates before returning to school. We talked about school, teachers, friends and watched a social story prepared by his dad anda wonderful teacher about going back to school.

He started asking with alarm last week if it was nearly a school day so we drew him a calendar to count down. When he knew it was school today he honestly couldn’t sleep last night. He lay in the dark for so long I thought he was asleep and then I heard this little voice pipe up with, “I’m sad about school, you know.”

I took a reluctant boy to school this morning and stayed helping in the library at school until I saw him again at break time. He seemed worried so I came back to cuddle him at afternoon break as I have done in the past and he seemed better. I drove off in tears, however, as I watched him wandering around with his bag of toys and snacks while everyone else were sitting with friends.

This afternoon I returned to find a very content little boy. He came home cheerfully, made his own afternoon tea of a cookie and milk and got me some too! Then sat down and did two pages of homework!

What a day! What a week! Already our schedule is overflowing with party invites, swimming carnivals, maths camps, peer support sleepovers etc! I am already EXHAUSTED!

Bring on the next holiday! I need a rest….

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