The Glorification of Busy

Read this wonderful post by Julia then stop what you are doing and hug somebody you love. Seriously…


I’ve been thinking a bit lately about the guts of 2013….my last bog standard year before getting diagnosed with cancer in the December.

It went a bit like this.  I’d studied a certificate 3 in Community Services Work the year before.  Two days a week, and I loved it.  After years of devoting myself to being a stay at home mum to four children, I had three at school and one at kinder and it gave me so much balance, between being a mother and being, well…me.

So, the following year, in 2013, I decided to throw myself full time into the diploma.  For the better part of the first half of the year, I rose at dawn, got four children off to school and kinder, went to classes all day, or to the library to study, did a round of pick ups at 3.30pm, got some groceries on the…

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